Approved! This Investment is Urgent and Overdue

The government passed a decision today to act to preserve and develop historical heritage sites in Judea and Samaria.

Gush Etzion Regional Council Mayor, and Chairman of the Yesha Council, Shlomo Ne’eman said in response to the decision: “We thank the Minister of Heritage Amichai Eliyahu and all the members of the government who today approved such a significant budget for the development and preservation of the antiquities sites in Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley.”

There are over 3,000 antiquity sites throughout Judea and Samaria, of which some 80% are in Area C. According to the Prime Minister’s office, some 1,000 sites have already been damaged.

Over many years archeological sites have been damaged along with illegal construction near these sites. Without sovereignty applied throughout Judea and Samaria, much illegal activity still takes place. We look forward to the swift implementation of this plan and pray it is not too little too late.

Govt. to preserve, develop Judea and Samaria heritage sites, by Israel National News, July 17, 2023



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