Youth Need to Hear What Jabotinsky Said

A day before Israel celebrates Ze’ev Jabotinsky Day on the 18th of July and to mark 100 years since his formative essay “The Iron Wall”, a poll demonstrates that Israeli youth have little familiarity with Jabotinsky, or knowledge of his writings, or the Revisionist movement in general.

The survey, conducted for Jabotinsky Day by the Shiluv polling agency for the Middle East Forum’s Israel Victory Project, surveyed 500 Jewish youths aged 16-25 years old.

Though 100 years old, Zeev Jabotinsky’s teachings and principles, his words, his books, have 100% relevance in today’s Israel. Jabotinsky felt defeating one’s enemies was critical to Israel’s survival. It was true then and even more so now. It is imperative that youth be exposed to the educational resources and proper outlets to properly understand this, especially when so many enemies of Israel come from within.

Ahead of Jabotinsky Day, Young Israelis Unfamiliar with Ze’ev Jabotinsky and Revisionist Movement, by Jewish Press Staff, July 17, 2023


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