Bibi Caves, Golan Out, Glick May Be In

Likud Party minister May Golan will remain a part of the current Israeli government, her short-lived consideration for the role of consul general is over.

It appears that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu caved following criticism from left-wing American Jewish leaders and the State Department over Golan’s past remarks.

Among the candidates now being considered for the high-profile position of consul general in New York is prominent Israeli-American author, columnist, and talk show host, Caroline B. Glick.

We are pleased that Caroline Glick is under consideration for this prestigious position, considered Israel’s third-most senior diplomatic position in the United States after the ambassadors to Washington and the United Nations. Despite this, we are shaking our heads with tremendous disappointment to see the current government, once again, bow to outside criticism that dictates to the Jewish Nation State how it should run the internal business of its own sovereign country.

Caroline Glick under consideration for New York consul post, by Etgar Lefkovits/JNS, April 24, 2023

Pushback against May Golan’s New York appointment was not universal, by Mike Wagenheim/JNS, April 24, 2023

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