In Bad Taste! UN Stoops to a New Low

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan read the names of Israeli victims of terrorism at a Security Council session. The Session criticized Israel before Erdan left the meeting in protest against the holding of the session on Israel’s Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of hostilities.

“Today is one of the most sacred days of the year for the State of Israel,” Erdan told the Security Council members. “We made numerous requests to reschedule today’s debate, describing the deep importance of the day, yet tragically this council refused to budge.”
“Today’s debate has crossed all lines. While Israelis mourn, this council, as usual, will hear more blatant lies condemning the State of Israel and falsely painting it as the root of all the region’s problems.”

The UN’s despicable behavior should be of no surprise to anyone. Nothing better can be expected from this Israel hating organization known as the UN (Useless Nations).

Erdan reads names of terror victims, leaves Security Council session held on Memorial Day, by Israel National News, April 25, 2023


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