Blessing or a Curse: New US Visa Waiver

This article was written by Jonathan Pollard in response to the new US Visa Waiver.

It was reported several weeks ago that the ambassadors of Canada, the EU and Australia requested that Israel allow their Palestinian Arab citizens the same right of free entry into Israel that the US is demanding for its Palestinian American citizens.

For those of us opposed to the US Visa Waiver deal, all we could say was: “We told you so”. Although our Foreign Ministry quickly rejected the requests of the three governments, it’s likely that Israel will eventually accede to this latest attempt to use a Visa Waiver program as a means of flooding our country with hostile visitors.

At first glance, the US-Israel Visa Waiver deal seems rather innocuous. After all, what could be wrong with the free movement of people between two allies?

But the hyphenated Americans this agreement is meant to cover are some of the most vicious anti Semites one could imagine.

Pollard concludes: This foreseeable tragedy will be due to one unfortunate fact: namely, that our leaders have conveniently forgotten that their loyalty should be to the Land and People of Israel, not a bunch of left-wing foreign governments, which want to use the Visa Waiver programs as Trojan Horses to infiltrate their hate filled Palestinian citizens into Israel.

Jonathan Pollard: US Visa Waiver deal is a nightmare, by Jonathan Pollard/Arutz Sheva, September 26, 2023

US announces: Israel accepted to Visa Waiver Program, by Israel National News, September 27, 2023




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