Treated Like a Terrorist to Cover for Their Failure

Elisha Yered, the man who was seriously injured when he was struck in the head by a stone in a near-lynching near the PA town of Burqa, received an order this week barring him from Judea and Samaria for six months.

Yered was one of a group of Jews who came to the aid of a Jewish shepherd who was attacked by a mob of Arabs in early August. He was arrested for shooting and killing one of the Arab rioters after he was struck in the head by a stone.

The order also forbids Yered from meeting with Rabbi Menachem Ben Shahar, one of the teachers at the Homesh Yeshiva, as well as a number of other Jewish activists.

Rabbi Ben Shahar said, “This is a clear attempt to silence us that is reminiscent of the conduct of dark regimes. The Commander-in-Chief and the Shin Bet are acting in a desperate attempt to forcefully silence criticism, to cover up their failure in the face of terrorism.”

Jewish man wounded in near-lynching banned from Judea and Samaria, by Israel National News, September 29, 2023









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