Dagan: Paradigm Change Needed

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan praised the Saturday elimination of the terrorists who carried out a shooting attack near Avnei Hefetz earlier this week.

Terrorists Hamza Qaryush and Samar al-Shafi are affiliated with Islamic Jihad, and it is suspected that they were planning to conduct additional terror attacks in the near future. “A terror attack which ends with an eliminated terrorist – that is the correct ending,” Dagan said. “However, let us not make a mistake: Capturing terrorists after the act does not stop terror. The top IDF officials and the government must change the paradigm. Repeating the same action over and over, with no result, is not helpful.”

Better protection is needed everywhere. Alon Davidi, mayor of Sderot, is also calling on the government to have a stronger response to terror. The government needs to deter terror regardless of the signals they get from the White House. It’s time to take Dagan’s words seriously, and yes, change is good. A shift in how security is implemented must happen. Without it, Israel remains a country under the reality of constant terror attacks and that’s no change at all.

Samaria leader: ‘Eliminate the Palestinian Authority’s terror infrastructure’, by Israel National News, May 6, 2023

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