Khan al-Ahmar IS Illegal and SHOULD HAVE been Evacuated!!

The High Court of Justice upheld its ruling that the illegal Bedouin herding village of Khan al-Ahmar could be evacuated, but that it was up to the state to decide whether to move forward on the matter. It accepted the state’s argument made at a May 1 hearing that no action could be taken against the village at this time due to security and foreign relations concerns.

The Supreme Court on Sunday rejected Regavim’s petition demanding the immediate fulfillment of past court decisions by the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar.

“Our opinion is that these reasons are related to security matters and the country’s foreign relations,” stated Judge Alex Stein. “Under these circumstances, the petition before us has exhausted itself. All we can give the petitioner is a declaration that the outpost was built illegally and therefore should be evacuated and demolished. With regard to the State’s respondents’ latest decision regarding law enforcement against the outpost and its residents, we cannot interfere at this time.”

Regavim responded: The state’s capitulation to international pressure, and today’s High Court of Justice decision granting that capitulation a seal of approval, are leading the State of Israel to the brink of anarchy: The ground rules for Israeli retreat have been laid, and foreign concerns now have official confirmation that the Israeli government will back down from its own stated policies and national interests when pressure is applied.

The current terminology for today’s decision is, “Shame!” – shame on the government of Israel and shame on the High Court of Justice.

Supreme Court rejects petition for demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, by Israel National News, May 7, 2023


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