Eradicate This “Strange Case of Immunity”

After terrorist fire rockets from the Jenin area towards the Jewish community of Shaked in northern Samaria today, the head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, called for an extensive military operation that would “eradicate” terror in the area.

After stating that residents expect the government to change, he addressed the government: “Today it is already clear to everyone that there is no escape. There are no fake stories and no excuses. The government must order the IDF to immediately launch a larger, broader, more thorough and in-depth operation in all of northern Samaria.”

“The common denominator of all these attacks: the shooting attacks and the rocket fire is the displacement of Jewish communities from northern Samaria 18 years ago by Sharon government,” said Dagan.

The Palestinian Authority has rejected Israel’s recent demands stemming from yesterday’s Security Council vote to make changes so that Israel would strengthen their terrorist agency. It refuses to stop acting against Israel in the international arena, to end pay-to-slay and to cease illegal construction in area C. Israel’s vote to boost the PA amounts to rewarding them for bad actions. It’s time to strengthen Israel and the only way for that to happen is for the IDF to go into terrorist hotbeds, as Dagan demands, and clean house once and for all.

‘Bigger operation needed that will end with victory’, by Israel National News, July 10, 2023


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