Protests in the Wings as Judicial Reform Prepares to Advance

Tonight the Knesset is expected to approve a first reading of the bill that would prohibit judges from applying a reasonableness standard to the actions of elected officials.

If the legislation passes this first vote, the leaders of the protest movement against the government’s judicial overhaul are planning to respond with a massive “day of disruption” which they say will include “significant actions” including blocking intersections throughout the country, as well as protests at Ben Gurion airport and in front of the US Embassy.

Chairman of the Constitution Committee, MK Simcha Rothman of the Religious Zionism party, has said publicly that he has no intention of softening the bill for the second and third readings, despite being ordered to do so by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel is about to enter a new chapter that will begin to restore one democratic portion of the judicial oversight process thereby improving it to benefit the Israeli people as the legally elected majority makes good on its campaign promises. The left seeks to create opposition that will paralyze the country in an attempt to bring down the present government. We hope that the disruption that they attempt to cause will be acted upon swiftly and that those who lead and participate in such anti-government actions will be held accountable for their actions.

The reasonableness standard is about to be canceled by Israel’s government. Mass protests are planned, by Ynetnews, July 10, 2023



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