Investment in State of the Roads Will Enhance Security

Israel’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety announced this week that it has submitted an unprecedented 50 billion shekels budget proposal to the Ministry of Finance for the development and improvement of transportation over the next five years.

The goal is to improve transportation in Judea and Samaria that will enhance security in the face of constant terrorist threats, improve road safety and thus reduce traffic accidents and alleviate the traffic jams. The most significant budget allocation will be directed to widen Route 60, the main north-south highway traversing Judea and Samaria, in both the Binyamin and Gush Etzion regions.

We are pleased to see an important infrastructure plan to dramatically improve the quality of life for the residents, and others, who rely on this main artery to the Jewish towns in Samaria.

$960 million earmarked to improve transportation in Judea and Samaria, by Josh Hasten/JNS, April 20, 2023

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