Israeli Police Station, Placed to Prevent PA Plundering, Removed From Temple Mount

An Israeli police station that was recently opened on the Temple Mount has been removed. One reason for it being there was that during the month of Ramadan, when NO JEWS ARE ALLOWED ON THE MOUNT, the Arabs plundered archaeological treasures. The station was placed there to stop the thievery and destruction. For some reason, once PM Netanyahu met with Jordan’s King Abdullah, the station was removed. This is a disgrace. The Jordanian Waqf sources claim that the removal was to “give the Jordanian government a free hand in monitoring and regulating the behavior of non-Muslim visitors to the Mount.” That means even more restrictions on Jews on the Temple Mount.

Israeli Police stated: “Despite the claims by the Waqf, there has been no change to the policy of Israel Police regarding its role in law enforcement and keeping the peace. The claims are false and are the responsibility of those who made them.”

Story HERE.

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