Keeping Israel Safe Means Responsibility to Jewish Citizens! Demolition of Jewish Homes is a Desecration of Jewish Values!

It was only last week on June 12 that Netanyahu demolished the Netiv Ha’avot Jewish community – all over a few inches of land. Pressure from AFSI and its supporters in America, along with Jews throughout the world, failed to prevent the destruction of Jewish homes. When did PA homes become more important to the Jewish state than the homes of their own people and citizens? This is SHAME & HUMILIATION!!

On June 17, another Jewish community, TAPUACH MAARAV, built in memory of Binyamin and Tali Kahane, who had been brutally murdered in a drive-by terror attack, was also destroyed. These are intolerable actions which PM Netanyahu MUST STOP.

AT THE SAME TIME THAT JEWISH HOMES ARE BEING DESTROYED, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu postponed the evacuation and demolition of five illegal “Palestinian” buildings in southern Hebron, in Sussya, following international pressure.

The JNS story speculates that the demolition may have been postponed in anticipation of the arrival this weekend of President Trump’s envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt and Jared Kushner.

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