Israeli Youth Remain Steadfast on Applying Sovereignty

Earlier this week Health Minister Yuli Edelstein devoted time to a meeting with Sovereignty Youth Movement representatives. They discussed Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria against the background of Israeli commitments not to raise the issue again made in the context of political steps with the United Arab Emirates.

Representatives of the movement raised their concern to Minister Edelstein about return to discussions of a Palestinian state and the existential danger to the future of Israel it poses, in addition to violating the principle of the People of Israel’s right to its Land.

“Neither coronavirus nor anything else should stop the important activity on behalf of our sovereignty in Judea and Samaria,” said the Minister, who praised the movement’s extensive activities.

At a time when Sovereignty is being used as a political bargaining chip, it’s critical now more than ever that Israeli youth understand the importance of and urgent need to APPLY SOVEREIGNTY NOW.

#SovereigntyYouth #ApplySovereigntyNow

Health Minister to Sovereignty Youth: ‘I’m committed to the sovereignty vision’, by Mordechai Sones. Arutz Sheva – September 1, 2020


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