Israel’s Future Depends On SOVEREIGNTY!!

Press Release from Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, The Sovereignty Movement

The Sovereignty Movement praises Minister of the Interior Ayelet Shaked for her resolute declaration that a Palestinian state will not be established.

Lately we have witnessed a persistent campaign by left-wing elements to divide the Land and establish a Palestinian state in its heart; we also see parade of people eager to pay their respects to PA Chairman Abu Mazen, who views IDF soldiers and commanders as criminals worthy of being tried in the Hague.

Against this background, Interior Minister Shaked’s remarks (expressed when visiting in the Emirates), are of great importance, however, our movement appeals to her with a request: It is not enough to block the ideas of a Palestinian state.

We must promote the Israeli initiative to apply Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, and as a first step starting with the Greater Jerusalem initiative.

Only in this way, will it be possible to cut off the Arab hopes to establish a state upon the ruins of Israel.

The application of Sovereignty is a necessary step for the security of the State of Israel and the fulfillment of the People of Israel’s historic destiny in its Land.

Build up the Negev! Ayelet Shaked also plans to promote the construction of 10 new communities in the Negev. The Interior Ministry said the move is important “for bolstering the settlement of the Negev, an area of national importance, and preventing illegal seizure of state land.” The ministry noted that increasing the population of the Negev will benefit all residents of the area, as well as using available land for the construction of additional housing units.

Interference unwelcome! The Biden Administration sent a quiet message to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office requesting that new construction be curbed in Jewish localities in Judea and Samaria. Yesha Council chairman David Elhayani responded to the report and said: “The Biden Administration should not interfere in the internal affairs of the State of Israel. President Biden knows that damage to settlement building in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley means the fall of the current government.”

It is imperative that Israel remain steadfast and not allow a “two-state” solution, continue to build up the land and not fall victim to pressure from other nations who instruct it on how to run its Sovereign Nation.

Interior minister pushing plans for 10 new Negev localities, by Yori Yalon/Israel Hayom, October 7, 2021

Biden sends private message to Bennett to stop settlement construction, by Arutz Sheva Staff, October 6, 2021





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