Judea and Samaria Residents Left Defenseless

A shooting attack in northern Samaria ended with Jewish residents firing in the air and miraculously escaping harm. One soldier was lightly wounded.

The head of the Samaria Regional Council Yossi Dagan was among those who were almost hit by bullets in the event, which took place after hundreds had gathered at a junction just near Nablus to stage a protest against what they say is government inaction in the face of terrorism.

Dagan helped protect the protesters with his own body when the shots were fired, and also made sure they ducked for cover. Just moments before the incident, Dagan spoke at the rally and said that Israeli authorities were “leaving Judea and Samaria residents to their own devices, as well as the residents of Tel Aviv. We demand another Operation Defensive Shield.”

WATCH: Israeli settler leader takes action as terror attack unfolds, by Hanan Greenwood/Israel Hayom, October 3, 2022



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