Election Tactic: Shut Down Democracy

Last Wednesday Yesh Atid petitioned the Central Elections Committee to formally list Channel 14 as a mouthpiece of the Likud party. In response, thousands of Israelis signed a petition backing Channel 14 against efforts by Yesh Atid to have the channel listed as a political platform and placed under heavy government regulation.

Channel 14 said in a statement, “A day when a transitional prime minister uses a High Court judge to shut down a media outlet that criticizes him is a black day for Israeli democracy. We invite Prime Minister Lapid to stop his boycott and come for an interview on the channel, instead of trying to shut it down.”

Yesh Atid is motivated to censor political opponents in this manner knowing that Israel’s High Court continues to operate with uncontrolled power. If proper measures were in place that curb the High Court’s tyranny, Yesh Atid would have nowhere to turn and chances are we wouldn’t even be reporting on this.

Ha’aretz backs effort to stop Lapid’s party from censoring right-wing news channel, by World Israel News Staff, October 3, 2022






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