Maritime Agreement: Will It Enhance Israel’s Security?

At a press briefing Wednesday evening, Lapid said that “after months of complex negotiations which reached their peak in recent days, we have succeeded in reaching a diplomatic-economic agreement with Lebanon on a maritime boundary between our countries.” Lapid called it a “great achievement for the State of Israel, for Israel’s security and for Israel’s economy.” He also said the benefits also extend to Israel’s citizens.

The maritime agreement was presented before Israel’s Security Cabinet and the Government, both of whom approved by a large majority the continuation of this process.

Mossad head David Barnea said yesterday at the meeting of the political-security cabinet that whoever claims that the new maritime border agreement is an achievement for Hezbollah does not understand the situation in Lebanon. According to him, this agreement is not good for Hezbollah, because it constitutes a de facto recognition of Israel by Lebanon, something that Hezbollah opposes. Barnea added that Hezbollah began to deal with the issue of the maritime border agreement in a serious way only last May, when the organization recognized that public opinion in Lebanon supports the agreement.

Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this week criticized Lapid for a “historic surrender” and condemned his decision to approve the deal via cabinet vote only ahead of the upcoming November election.

This seems to be a political win – or shall we say it may mean votes – for Lapid but at what long-term cost to Israel? We are concerned that Hezbollah doth protest too much and that they will reap large economic benefits from this deal. From the mounting terror on the streets of Jerusalem to the hills of Judea and Samaria this deal appears to be adding fuel to the fire, something the Israelis certainly do not need more of.

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