MK’s Work to Restore Trust in Israel’s Justice System

The Religious Zionist Party launched its “Law and Justice Restart” program to reform the legal system and “strengthen Israeli democracy” on Tuesday at a press conference at Kfar HaMaccabiah.

MK Bezalel Smotrich, Chairman of the Religious Zionist Party and member of the committee for the selection of judges, together with MK Simcha Rothman, whose NGO Meshilut has been advocating for this for years, developed the plan over the last several months.

While changes have been talked about for a long time now, to date, nothing has been done and Rothman and Smotrich hope to change that. Smotrich said, “There is no right or left here…the program is relevant to every Israeli citizen. We all need to have a system here (in Israel) that will show justice.”

This important initiative cannot be underestimated and is overdue in being implemented. Judicial overreach being kept in check is mandatory and the system itself should fairly benefit all Israeli citizens. Plus, Israel’s judicial system needs to secure the public’s trust once again. The elected officials in the Knesset should not be able to be overruled by this small group of judges. For the country to continue to advance itself, the systems that are charged with governing it should reflect a Sovereign nation operating with free and democratic principles that don’t represent personal political interest or threaten its citizens.

Religious Zionist Party announces program to reform Legal System, by Israel National News, October 18, 2022

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