May Golan’s Important Message

Minister for the Advancement of the Status of Women May Golan, a resident of south Tel Aviv, spoke with Arutz Sheva about Saturday’s violent clashes between Eritrean infiltrators in her neighborhood.

Golan says that while riots of this scope are unprecedented, “I’m not surprised, I’m not surprised at all. I know that the majority of the public here in Israel and the public that follows Israel is surprised, but I’ve been witnessing this violence for decades, and I know what these people are capable of. We have a serious problem with the illegal infiltrators who come here because we lack a serious immigration policy in Israel, one that I’ve been fighting for the past 15 years.”

Thanks to May Golan’s steadfast work on this issue, there appears to be not only hope, but action, on the horizon. It was announced that MK Simcha Rothman will advance a bill greatly limiting migration into Israel. If the bill passes, Israel will have a set annual quota for people gaining refugee status in the country.

May Golan is a longtime friend of AFSI, and she has been dedicated to bringing attention to and demanding a solution for the Eritrean (and Sudanese) infiltrators. With Israel’s security forces always on the highest alert to defend the country against terrorism, one would think the violent attacks by these illegal immigrants would be a priority in Israel’s security arsenal to protect its citizens. An immigration policy was needed yesterday but we are grateful to learn of MK Rothman’s initiative. May and Simcha receive AFSI’s highest praise for keeping this critical matter front and center with the public and the Knesset.

Minister Golan to INN: ‘Infiltrators hate Israel’, by Yoni Kempinski/Arutz Sheva, September 4, 2023

Religious Zionist MK to advance bill greatly limiting migration into Israel, by Ariella Marsden/Jerusalem Post, Updated September 5, 2023

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