This Repeated and Ignored Scenario Stinks

Beyadenu has filed a petition with Israel’s High Court of Justice against the government, the police, and the Jerusalem municipality. Their petition calls for immediate action to prevent the Jordanian Waqf from disposing of garbage within the Temple Mount area.

Tom Nisani, CEO of Beyadenu, expressed concern, stating, “Imagine what would happen if, heaven forbid, garbage were deposited in front of the Vatican’s Papal residence. The situation on the Temple Mount is even more grave. Until the State of Israel demonstrates reverence for its holy places, it cannot expect others to respect its connection to them.”

The dumping of garbage on Israel’s holiest site, the Temple Mount, is deliberate and Israel’s security authorities must step up to the plate, condemn it, and fully enforce the law. The word “disgrace” doesn’t even come close to describing how pathetic this repeated scenario is. We are at a loss for words.

Beyadenu Petitions High Court Against Garbage Dumping on Temple Mount, by David Israel/Jewish Press, September 1, 2023



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