Moving Swiftly to Erase UNRWA

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered IDF Chief of Staff Major General Herzi Halevi to come up with alternatives to relying on UNRWA in the Gaza Strip in everything related to the transfer of humanitarian aid, which is currently being transferred directly to the UN agency.

According to intelligence reports examined by The Wall Street Journal, at least 12 UNWRA employees were linked to Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel. Additionally, approximately 10% of the agency’s Gaza staff are reported to have connections to Islamist terror groups.

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner stated in an interview today that, UNRWA “exists for the sole purpose of keeping the war of 1948 open until the war ends the way that the Arabs initially intended: for there not to be a Jewish State. UNRWA exists so that the refugees from that war, the Arab refugees, will continue generation after generation, never settling.”

Since UNRWA neither perpetuates nor contributes anything productive to its own people, it’s time to close it down. With so much fact emerging in the news about who they really are and what their goals are, the decision to close it should be easy to understand.

Netanyahu Orders IDF to Replace UNWRA Distribution System in Gaza by Next Week, by David Israel/Jewish Press, February 6, 2024

Former MK: ‘UNRWA exists to keep the 1948 war going’, by Yoni Kempinski/Israel National News, February 8, 2024


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