No Evidence, No Explanation: Timing of This is Obvious

Police have served a summons for a hearing before the imposition of an administrative restriction order to Yinon Levi, a husband, father, and farmer near the town of Michmas in the Binyamin region. The order comes from General Yehuda Fox, who is appointed over the IDF’s Central Command.

As part of the restrictions imposed on him, Yinon is forbidden to enter Judea and Samaria, including his house and farm, for four months, of which two have already passed. He is also forbidden to contact several dozen of his friends, has been dismissed from reserve service in the IDF, and his personal firearm confiscated at the direction of the Shin Bet, and against the advice of military officials in the area. The confiscation of his firearm has left the farm effectively defenseless.

A military source claimed that the orders are unconnected to the sanctions imposed by President Biden against four “settlers,” and added that the order had indeed been signed months ago, but that the responsibility for serving it lay with the police.

Just the other day, Bank Leumi notified Yinon, one of four Israelis who were targeted last week by US sanctions, that his accounts in Israel have been frozen.

The Israel Postal Bank has sequestered and closed the account of David Chai Chasdai, one of four Israelis who were targeted by US sanctions for claims of violence against Arabs in Judea and Samaria. The account is shared with Chasdai’s wife. “The fact that a government bank decides to sequester the accounts of settlers because of pressure from far-left organizations and the hostile American government is unfathomable, but the fact that it is happening under a right-wing government a moment after the worst massacre in history is a national embarrassment,” he stated.

Go ahead and make us believe this is unconnected to Biden’s recently signed executive order against Israeli “extremist settlers. We’ve seen this scenario before and it’s very obvious as to WHY this is happening now. This is clearly a theatrical performance to appease Biden. The fact that it’s taking place while a right-wing government is at war with terrorists is appalling.

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