Netanyahu: We Will Achieve Total Victory

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement on Wednesday about his most recent conversation with US President Joe Biden.

“From the beginning, we agreed that we must eliminate Hamas. But during the war, it is no secret, we had disagreements on the best manner to achieve this goal,” Netanyahu stated.

“At the beginning I told the President: We can not beat Hamas without the IDF entering the Gaza Strip. In our most recent conversation, I told him: We can not complete the victory without the IDF entering Rafah, to eliminate the remaining Hamas battalions. That is what we will do now as well,” he explained.

Netanyahu added: “As we prepare to go into Rafah, and it will take time, we continue to work with full force. We continue to operate in Khan Yunis, the central camps, eliminating and apprehending Hamas officials as we did now in Shifaa Hospital, eliminating hundreds of terrorists.

As I committed to you time and again – we are determined to reach total victory, and we will achieve it,” he concluded.

Netanyahu vs. Biden: ‘We will go into Rafah, we do what’s vital for security’, by Israel National News, March 20, 2024


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