Continued Disgrace: Israel Should Demand Better

The Central Command filed a request last Friday against the ruling of the military court Thursday, which delayed the implementation of the administrative order against activist Elisha Yered until after Purim. After the holiday, a hearing will be held regarding his appeal against the order.

Honenu criticized the request: “This request is detached and is persecution for persecution’s sake. General Fox is busy appealing this decision, which allows a settler to celebrate Purim in his home and is clearly confused. Israel deserves better.”

Attorney Adi Kedar, who represents Yered, wrote in the appeal: “The appellant takes no part in violent action and there is no security reason justifying his removal from the area.” There continues to be “no new information about the appellant’s danger to the security of the region and that there is no justification for keeping him out of it.”

It’s high time to differentiate between who is a terrorist and who is not. That Israel knowingly treats someone like Elisha Yered as a terrorist is a disgrace. Continued actions such as this do not best represent the Israeli people politically or legislatively.

IDF appeals to bar activist from Judea and Samaria, by Israel National News, March 22, 2024


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