New Illegal Trail Uncovered – Has Anything Been Done to Combat It?

The Palestinian Authority has blazed a new illegal trail through the Jordan Valley, connecting the towns of Taysir and Tubas in Area B to its network of illegal outposts in Area C.

“The Palestinian Authority continues to carry out its masterplan for territorial contiguity in the Jordan Valley, and the State of Israel continues to allow it,” the Regavim organization said Wednesday in a statement.

Regavim alerted the Civil Administration and other relevant authorities in the early stages of the project, demanding decisive enforcement action against the illegal activity and those responsible for it.

Regavim stated, “Either knowingly or unwittingly, the inaction of the enforcement authorities and the State of Israel is enabling the Palestinian Authority to achieve its vision of territorial contiguity and control in the Jordan Valley.”

How the Palestinian Authority Connects Illegal Outposts in Area C to Villages in Area B, by Hana Levi Julian. Jewish Press, April 28, 2021

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