No Veto, No Visit

Message from the Prime Minister’s Office:

The US withdrew from its consistent position in the Security Council where it only a few days ago linked a ceasefire with the release of the abductees (Article 1).

China and Russia vetoed the previous resolution partly because they supported a ceasefire without the release of the abductees.

Russia and China supported the current decision, along with Algeria and other countries.

The US did not veto today the new text that calls for a ceasefire without the condition of releasing the abductees.

This is a clear retreat from the consistent position of the US in the Security Council since the beginning of the war.

This withdrawal hurts both the war effort and the effort to release the hostages, because it gives Hamas hope that international pressure will allow them to accept a cease-fire without the release of our hostages.

Prime Minister Netanyahu made it clear last night that if the US withdraws from its principled position, he will not send the Israeli delegation to the US to confer on the upcoming Rafah operation.

Prime Minister’s Office: ‘USA changed position, no delegation to Washington’, by Israel National News, March 25, 2024


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