Concession or Dangling Carrot?

In a significant development yesterday confirmed by Israeli officials, Israel has agreed to release between 700-800 jailed Palestinian terrorists in exchange for the release of 40 hostages.

The prisoners slated for release by Israel include hundreds serving life sentences for their involvement in terror attacks targeting Israelis.

This move marks a major concession by Israel, aimed at securing the release of the remaining hostages held by Hamas since October 7th.

Upon first read, it’s mind blowing the number of jailed terrorists offered for release in exchange for only 40 hostages. We cannot understand or condone this agreement.

Despite the concessions, Israeli officials are reportedly ruling out any deal that calls for the complete withdrawal of the Israeli military from Gaza, one of Hamas’ key demands. Israel might only be dangling a carrot here.

Israel offers to release 800 Palestinian prisoners, including 100 murderers in hostage deal, by Social Links for Ronny Reyes/New York Post, March 24, 2024


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