Not Met: Havat Gilad’s Important Need

In the Samaria town of Havat Gilad, continuous power outages make it difficult for residents to live a normal life, especially when outages in cold and stormy weather leave families without a reliable source of heating. Imagine what it’s like for them to observe Shabbat in the dark. UNACCEPTABLE!

It’s been two years since the Israeli government recognized Havat Gilad as completely legal, yet the situation is the same as it was before regarding electricity. Residents of Havat Gilad are now demanding that Defense Minister Naftali Bennett immediately provide a solution for the issue.

Yael Shevach, whose husband Raziel was murdered in a terror attack in January 2018, told Arutz Sheva: “For many years we were not connected to the electric grid, and we suffered insufferable power outages. A few years ago we were connected to the electric grid, but in an amateur and primitive fashion, and we continue to suffer the same problems.”

Havat Gilad is a small community in Samaria that holds a special place in the hearts of AFSI and its many members. AFSI has visited there often and was especially alerted to the need for security after Rabbi Raziel Shevach’s murder. On May 15, 2018 a terrorist was apprehended using information recorded by a new camera system AFSI funded.

Electricity problems in Havat Gilad have become ‘an existential problem,‘ residents say, by Nitzan Keidar. Arutz Sheva – January 9, 2020.

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