Report from Regavim

Minister of Settlement Affairs Tzachi Hanegbi spent the day last week on a fact-finding field tour and seminar in Gush Etzion and Mount Hebron. The purpose was to learn about the challenges facing Jewish communities in the area and to take a closer look at the extent and impact of the large-scale illegal Palestinian Authority land seizure projects, funded by foreign governments, that are changing the map of Judea and Samaria.

Minister Hanegbi commented at the end of the tour, “The beauty is to see an organization of idealists that works without a government budget and without state funding, and in fact spurs the state to act against the Palestinian invasion and takeover of Area C. The sad thing is that this situation was allowed to come into existence in the first place, and that the state did not take command or responsibility for this situation. We are lagging far behind an opponent that is acting with force, with violence, illegally, to take over our homeland and the land of Area C.”

Regavim Report, December 3, 2020

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