SHAME! Glorifying Terrorists on the Temple Mount

A banner glorifying the two Hamas operatives who brutally murdered four Israelis last week in a terror attack was prominently displayed on the Temple Mount on Wednesday morning. The Temple Mount was shuttered to Jewish visitors for two days during the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha.

The large poster, which includes the Hamas terror group’s flag, depicts the perpetrators of the shooting attack, Khaled Sabah and Mohanand Shahada, along with phrases praising the terrorists as “our honor” and “generous soldiers who gave their blood.”

Beyadenu said in a statement that “this incitement banner, which lauds terrorists and was created on behalf of Hamas, has been hung on the Temple Mount like on every Muslim holiday. The banner is proof of “both the need to clean the Temple Mount of terrorists” and the “disgraceful conduct of the Israeli government, which allows this shame.

‘Incitement to murder’: Banner glorifying Hamas terrorists displayed on Temple Mount, by Lauren Marcus/World Israel News, June 28, 2023





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