“We Must Act” – Lobby for Sovereignty

The Lobby for the Application of Sovereignty over the Jordan Valley First was launched in the Knesset on Wednesday. It is being led by MKs Dan Illouz (Likud) and Yossi Taieb (Shas), with the cooperation of the Sovereignty Movement.

The lobby was established with the goal of attaining a significant achievement in the area of the application of sovereignty over the Jordan Valley First, in the present term of Knesset.

During the event, the Jordan Valley Declaration was signed, calling for broad cooperation on the matter. Also, a comprehensive plan for the application of sovereignty was presented addressing its various challenges and solutions.

World Zionist Organization head Ya’akov Hagoel who participated in the event, said: “It has been 56 years since we liberated Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria and the Jordan Valley, and there is still no sovereignty. We are patient people, but we are also running out of patience – we must act.”

Lobby for Jordan Valley sovereignty launches in Knesset, by Israel National News, June 28, 2023




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