SHAME ON THEM! Israel’s Enemies From Within Struggle For Relevance

The Irish Times website last week published a column that includes former Israeli government officials calling to promote legislation against trade and economic activity with Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley.

They are Israel’s enemies from within and include: former Israeli ambassador to Portugal and former Israeli consul Colette Avital, former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg, former Meretz Chair Zahava Galon and more.

Yesha Council Chairman David Elhayani responded, “Former Israeli Knesset members, and all sorts of ‘formers’ have decided that because their public lives are over and the public has decided not to support them, they need to return to being relevant.”

The action of these former Israeli public officials is a stab in the back to the State of Israel. Americans For A Safe Israel condemns these former Israeli representatives whose sole intention is to elevate their selfish agendas while inflicting tremendous harm to Israel. SHAME ON THEM!

#SHAMEONTHEM #Israel’sEnemies #StateofIsrael

Former Israeli officials call to boycott Judea and Samaria, by Mordechai Sones. Arutz Sheva – May 7, 2020

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