Smotrich: Not One Shekel

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich last Friday responded to the US demand that Israel transfer money to the Palestinian Authority while the war with Hamas is ongoing.

“We have a lot of respect to the US, who is our best ally in the world, and to President Biden, who is a true friend of Israel, but we will never abandon our fate to others, and so long as I am Finance Minister, not a single shekel will be passed to the Nazis in Gaza,” Smotrich said. “This is not an extremist position. This is a position which desires life, and which is required by the situation.”

The Biden administration cannot be considered a true friend of Israel when it holds a position that will fund more terror against Israel. The Biden administration needs to face up to where funds for Gaza have really gone.

Finance Minister: ‘I respect the US, but I won’t transfer money to Hamas’, by Chana Roberts/Israel National News, December 29, 2023


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