“The Real Face of Israel” on Display at the UN

A week-long photo exhibit at the United Nations in New York City proudly showcased Israel’s worldwide and decades long humanitarian-aid efforts.

This initiative was the brainchild of Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon who stated that the presentation was curated to show people “the real face of Israel.”

“Israel’s Humanitarian Aid Around the World” featured 18 photographs showing soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli volunteers aiding those affected by natural disasters, requiring medical care and more in Haiti, Nepal, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Syria, Liberia, South Sudan and North Mauritania. The pictures were accompanied by brief descriptions outlining Israel’s work in each location.

After viewing the reception and exhibit, attendees attended a formal presentation. Guest speakers included Surgeon General of the IDF Brig. Gen. Dr. Tarif Bader, Mexico’s Ambassador to the United Nations Juan Ramón de la Fuente, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon and IDF Lt. Shahar Bachar, who was a part of Israel’s humanitarian delegation to Mexico following the 2017 earthquakes.

A beautiful documentary was shown highlighting many of the countries Israel has sent aid to. Key points: Israel is almost always the first country to arrive and is fully set-up with equipment for every possible kind of need. Some doctors and volunteers interviewed said that they don’t even wait for the Israeli government to call asking for their services – they call the government and ask to be sent to the country in crisis. One recipient of Israel’s aid interviewed noted that Israel gets to work right away, while other countries take too long to move into action.

It’s all a part of the Jewish people’s mission of bringing light unto the nations – Chesed. That’s the real Israel.

JNS story HERE. Exhibit photos below.

To learn more about Israel’s global humanitarian work visit IsraAID.

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