The Struggle for Israel’s Jewish Soul

We think The Struggle for Israel’s Jewish Soul is is an excellent article in response to Benny Gantz being given the mandate to form a government. We urge everyone to read it carefully. This should also serve as a refresher course for every Israeli politician supporting President Reuven Rivlin’s recent decision.

The article’s summary: The possibility of an Israeli minority government that relies on the Joint Arab List underscores the clear and present danger of accommodating political parties and movements that reject the existence of the Jewish state and propagate Israel’s transformation into a Palestinian Arab (Muslim) state.

Pictured here is Ayman Odeh, an Israeli Arab lawyer and politician. The leader of the Hadash party, he is currently a member of the Knesset and head of the Joint List alliance. If Gantz is successful in forming a coalition, these are the kinds of photos you’ll be seeing more of in our newsletters.

The Struggle for Israel’s Jewish Soul by Prof. Efraim Karsh and Maj. Gen. (res.) Gershon Hacohen. The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies – March 16, 2020

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