WARNING: Israel Must Act Now Before It’s Too Late

The majority of the Bedouin community in the south of Israel, situated within the cities of Be’er Sheva, Dimona and Arad, has been making inroads into new areas of the Negev desert over the past years.

A new Bedouin outpost recently established near Arad and facing Masada and the Dead Sea, includes 17 illegal structures.

The Regavim movement, which closely monitors illegal construction in the Negev, revealed that the illegal Bedouin construction northeast of Arad has risen by about 1,200% in recent years.

It is disturbing that illegal land grabs continue and Jewish residents in Judea and Samaria remain under Civil Administration. At what point does Sovereignty kick in and move these longstanding issues out of the past and into the modern era?

Israeli Bedouins taking over southern part of the country, by Arutz Sheva Staff. Arutz Sheva, March 15, 2021

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