What a Proper Zionist Response Looks Like

Roughly 450 Jews returned Sunday night to their rightful homes in Evyatar, following the drive-by murder that afternoon of the two Yaniv brothers. From the Samaria community of Har Bracha, they were murdered in a terrorist shooting attack at the Huwara checkpoint on Route 60. Huwara is a town with a one lane in either direction running through the commercial area. It has been a constant flashpoint for terror – so much so that a road is under construction to provide a bypass for those desiring safe passage. At present it is the only way to reach many of the Jewish communities in Samaria, Har Bracha among them.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir appealed in a detailed letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, asking him to allow the residents to stay in Evyatar which has all but been legally regulated.

AFSI applauds the residents of Evyatar for their response to this latest terror attack. No matter how many times the IDF returns to evacuate them, Evyatar residents, most of whom are part of the Nachala Movement, possess the drive and determination to secure nothing more than a full return to their legally obtained homes and to continue to build it up. They represent the true Zionist spirit.


Proper Zionist Response: Evyatar Settlers Return Home following Huwara Murders, by David Israel/Jewish Press, February 27, 2023

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