A Hole in the Security Fence: A Bizarre Reality That Must Stop

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan threatened to petition the High Court of Justice if the holes in the security fence were not immediately sealed.

Dagan issued the demand in a letter sent over the weekend after a terrorist from the village of Ya’bad near Jenin crossed through a hole in the fence in northern Samaria to carry out a terrorist attack in the Tel Aviv suburb of Bnei Brak. Five people were killed in that attack.

“Despite many warnings about the holes, the defense system you are tasked with has not taken any action to prevent the entry, either through temporary solutions to prevent the uninterrupted entry or the serious failure to permanently repair breaches in the fence. For years, Israel has neglected the separation fence under a ‘humanitarian’ excuse and dug its head in the sand in the face of a clear and real threat,” Dagan said.

This security fence has been broken for years and there is no excuse for ignoring the need to repair it. With the wave of terror that struck Israel last week, there is a pressing need to fix it. As Bennett stated in our earlier article about Israel being in a period of “vigilant routine” regarding security, we urge him to see the writing on the wall and make good on his word. He must take action and stop overlooking the urgently needed repair of this broken security fence.

‘50,000 Palestinians enter Israel illegally daily through holes in security fence’, by Efrat Forsher and Eyal Levi/Israel Hayom, April 4, 2022




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