A Pledge in the Right Direction, But…..

Biden’s nominee to be US ambassador to the United Nations pledged yesterday at the UN to combat the anti-Israel bias.

“I look forward to standing with Israel, standing against the unfair targeting of Israel, the relentless resolutions proposed against Israel unfairly,” said Linda Thomas-Greenfield at her nomination hearing in front of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “I look forward to working with Israel to develop a strategy with them for engaging with countries that would appreciate having Israel’s expertise to support their development efforts.”

Thomas-Greenfield, a 35-year diplomat, expressed hope that those countries that have normalized ties with Israel under the Abraham Accords – the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco – “will also see some opportunities to be more cooperative at the UN and more supportive of Israel’s presence there.” Thomas-Greenfield said America would work with its allies and other members of the UN Security Council to “ensure that we hold Iran accountable.”

But let’s not forget a few things. How will Iran be held accountable if Biden intends to take the US back into the horrendous 2015 Iran “deal”? What kind of impact does Thomas-Greenfield think the US can have if it re-joins the blatantly anti-Israel UN Human Rights Council? Action, not words, matter. Time will tell.

Biden’s pick for UN envoy pledges to combat anti-Israel bias, BDS, by News Agencies and ILH Staff. Israel Hayom, January 28, 2021

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