Entering Homesh: Jews Blocked, Arabs Pass Freely

The IDF set up a new checkpoint Tuesday on the way to the Homesh Yeshiva. Soldiers are blocking Jews from entering the yeshiva and the area has been declared a closed military zone.

Only a limited number of students are allowed entry to Homesh, those written on a list of names held by the checkpoint commander. All others are stopped and denied entry. Yeshiva students who stood at the checkpoint and asked the soldiers to let them pass were violently arrested by the soldiers.

The Homesh Yeshiva called on ‘right-wingers’ in the government “to wake up and stop this madness. The Homesh Yeshiva will continue to hold out on the mountain, study Torah under any circumstances, and display our love of our land. No one can stop this great spirit of ours.”

As the government continues its destructive path with rewards to terrorism, the residents of Homesh are sending a clear message that they will not tolerate another expulsion of a Jewish community.

Jews blocked from entering Homesh, by Israel National News, March 15, 2022






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