Excuses, Excuses…Khan al-Amar Gets 7th Extension

The state on Tuesday night asked the High Court of Justice for another 30-day postponement of its response regarding the evacuation of the squatters’ shantytown of Khan al-Ahmar. This time it’s on the grounds that it requires “the consideration of the most senior officials, headed by the Prime Minister.” The request for a new delay––seventh since May 2018, when the court approved the evacuation of the illegal Arab settlement––states that “in the current state of affairs, having regard to the circumstances in the global political arena, including the prime minister’s involvement in the war crisis in Europe, and in order to allow the Prime Minister to engage in the matter of the petition, the Honorable Court is requested to grant the respondents an additional extension.”

Regavim issued a statement: “To the best of our knowledge, Prime Minister Bennett has returned from his trip to Europe, and as far as excuses go, this one is exceptionally flimsy. We are considering requesting a summary judgement.”

State Asks High Court for 7th Delay in Khan al-Ahmar Evacuation Petition: Bennett too Busy with the War, by David Israel/Jewish Press, March 9, 2022

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