Israel’s Close Watch on Iran

Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday said drones launched by the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group at an Israeli offshore gas field last week were Iranian.

On Saturday, the Israel Defense Forces intercepted three Hezbollah drones heading for the Karish gas field. Hezbollah confirmed it launched the drones after previously threatening the field, which sits in a maritime area that both Lebanon and Israel claim as their own. In another incident last Wednesday, a drone launched by the terror group was downed over Lebanon’s waters

“It should be said that Hezbollah is acting on behalf of Iran and its weapons are weapons made in Iran, whether they are manufactured there or the knowledge was acquired by [Hezbollah],” Gantz stated.

Gantz recently spoke about Israel building a regional air defense alliance against Iran, and spoke last week of a possible “breakthrough” during Biden’s upcoming visit to the region. This initiative is being built with other countries in the region to ensure a secure, stable and prosperous Middle East and includes aerial defense.

Israel’s interest in preventing Iranian aggression is of the highest order and we are glad to see Israel not caving in to those who are delirious for a deal with Iran to be secured.

Gantz says Hezbollah drones launched at offshore gas field were ‘products of Iran’, by Emanuel Fabia/Times of Israel, July 7, 2022



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