On This Day: We Remember the Sbarro Pizza Terror Attack

Planner of the attack: “If time could go backwards, I would carry out what I did, in the same manner.”

Today, August 9, 2021, marks 20 years since the attack on the Sbarro pizza restaurant in Jerusalem. 15 people were murdered, including 5 members of one family, and 130 people were injured.

As a reward for carrying out the attack, each month the Palestinian Authority (“PA” )pays a total of $8,006 (25,800 shekels) to the imprisoned terrorists and the families of the dead terrorists, who were involved in the attack.

By now, the PA has paid Abdullah Barghouti, the terrorist who built the bomb and is responsible for the murder of 67 people in various attacks, a cumulative sum of $285,571 (921,500 shekels). Every month, the PA pays him a salary of $2,255 (7,300 shekels). In addition, the PA has paid the family of the suicide bomber $68,498 (221,400 shekels). Every month the PA continues to pay his family an allowance of $432 (1,400 shekels). The minimum wage in the PA is 1,450 shekels/month ($44).

One of the main terrorists in the attack on the Sbarro restaurant was Ahlam Tamimi. Tamimi has confessed to choosing the target of the attack and leading the suicide bomber to the restaurant. Although Tamimi was convicted and sentenced to 15 cumulative life sentences, she currently lives in Jordan after being freed as part of the first part of the deal to secure the release by Hamas of abducted IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit.

Before she was released, Tamimi was interviewed on Israeli Channel 1, and the interview was broadcast on PA TV. After explaining that she was the one who chose the target of the attack, Tamimi was asked if she knew how many children had been killed in the attack. When she heard that 8 children had been murdered, Tamimi broke into a huge smile.

Nothing has changed since then and the PA’s attitude and that of the liberal left remains in a state of intentional ignorance. The PA’s sole goal is to work toward the complete delegitimization and destruction of the State of Israel. When will the world wake up and hear the truth?

Blood money: The PA has already paid $1,183,257 to the terrorists who blew up the Sbarro pizza shop murdering 15 and injuring 130, by Maurice Hirsch, Adv./Palestinian Media Watch, August 8, 2021


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