One Way the Nation of Israel Wins – BY PLANTING TREES!

Hundreds of Samaria residents and their supporters went out last Friday to plant trees and build fences around the Samaria town of Pedu’el. This was part of an effort to stop the Palestinian takeover of Area C.

“We came here because this is our country and we will not give it up,” said Yossi Dagan. “We are not waiting for this government. We are here to win for the people of Israel. There will soon be a new neighborhood on this spot. This has always been the case in Zionism – our borders are wherever we work the land. Unfortunately, we are facing complete lawlessness – we see it in Samaria, we see it in the Negev, but we are here in the name of the whole nation of Israel, because the people of Israel will win.”

Hundreds gather to plant trees in Samaria, by Israel National News, January 21, 2022

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