SHAME ON THEM! Students Publish Inciting Video Against IDF

The student branch of the far-left communist Hadash party at Hebrew University is facing sharp criticism for publishing an inciting video last week against IDF soldiers and Hebrew University.

The video was published by the group ahead of “Nakba Day” and accompanied with subtitles in Arabic, Hebrew and English. It begins by depicting a timeline accusing Israel of perpetrating a range of crimes against humanity since 1948, and then takes aim at IDF soldiers studying at Hebrew University.

AFSI will continue to expose the enemies of Israel even if they are from within. The problem here are the free speech policies of Hebrew University. The difference between the right to free speech and inciting hate against the IDF, protector of Israel, must be clearly defined. We suggest Hebrew University offer a mandatory course for all students: The Truth About Israel 101.

Hebrew University student group video takes aim at IDF soldiers, by Arutz Sheva Staff. Arutz Sheva – May 18, 2020

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