Terror Tunnel Found Under UNRWA School

A tunnel used by Palestinian militants in Gaza was discovered under one of the schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency last month.

The UNRWA Zaitoun Preparatory Boys’ School “A” and Elementary Boys’ School “A” was one of two of the organization’s facilities damaged during the 11-day Gaza attacks on Israel that ended on May 21.

At the end of May, UNRWA found what “appears to be a cavity and a possible tunnel, at the location of the missile strike,” the organization reported over the weekend.

“UNRWA condemns the existence and potential use by Palestinian armed groups of such tunnels underneath its schools in the strongest possible terms. It is unacceptable that students and staff be placed at risk in such a way,” the organization stated.

That the tunnel was found under a PA school tells us the school is being used as a shield by terrorists looking to harm Israel. Enough said.

AFSI looks forward to David Bedein’s comment on this – Thursday @ 1:00pm. Don’t forget to register for our Zoom meeting with him!

UNRWA finds attack tunnel under one of its Gaza schools, by Tovah Lazaroff/Jerusalem Post, June 6, 2021




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